Gabrielle Rivera

Thank you for visiting my portfolio.

What I Do

Everyday I try my best to study any type of craft that comes to mind. Whether it's writing, drawing, taking photos, making collages, folding paper to form modular sculptures, and even creating jewelry. I am currently studying in New World School of the Arts to build up on more drawing skills along with discapline. Once I felt that I have grown as an artist in training I'll post up more work. I hope you enjoy what I have so far. Here is my resume:----------(>^_^)> Please Click here!Click here to download the PDF!


Who I Am

Mentioned again I'm Gabrielle Rivera. ^_^ I was born and raised in Miami Florida. I'm a young woman who is seeking to do better everyday for the wants and needs for my life. As far as being an artist goes I will continue to try to learn more everyday and work harder with what I love to do.


My Work

Here a bit of the work I have done for the past couple of years. Please enjoy and have a wonderful day. ^_^

Feel Free To Contact Me!

Please contact me if you wish to. I would like to hear your input with what I've shown so far. ^_~